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The QS Benchmark
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Why the QS Benchmark of Carriers ?


Each year, several hundred million parcels are dispatched to specific destinations.

Despite a growing demand on the part of e-consumers and ever more diverse carriage options, no independent tool currently allows for the analysis of the quality of delivery in France and across Europe.

The QS Benchmark for Carriers will be the first study to provide such information.
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To ensure accurate representation, the QS Benchmark of Carriers will be compiled based on the collation of information provided by the largest businesses in the distance selling domain, as well as the carriers themselves.

To join the Benchmark, a participating member must meet strict criteria in terms of reliability and volume.

In exchange for their participation, they will gain private access to an analysis of their own data feeds.
Enabling access to iThoth analytics

ITinSell technology

Since 2008, ITinSell has been developing leading-edge solutions for processing and analysing logistics data.

In 2013, it brought about innovation through the first Benchmark on the Quality of Service of Carriers of Private Parcels, made possible through its system dedicated to logistics analytics: iThoth®.

Backed by this expertise, today ITinSell is expanding the Benchmark to encompass all the main carriers in the French market.

The 3 goals of QS Benchmark
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Inform the general public about the QUALITY OF DELIVERY in France.
Offer a BENCHMARKING TOOL for professionals in the distance selling domain.
Induce healthy COMPETITION amongst carrier service providers.

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